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Change Your Browser Language Settings: Mozilla Firefox

To change your language preferences, or to add a language in Mozilla Firefox, simply follow these steps.....

1: Open Firefox and click Tools from the main menu, then click the Options menu item.

Firefox Screenshot: Tools and Options menu items

2: From the Options dialogue box that appears, click the Advanced icon, then click the General tab.

Firefox Screenshot: Options & Advanced tab

3: From the Languages section, click the Choose.. button.

Firefox Screenshot: Languages heading and Choose button

4: You should now see the Languages dialogue box showing your current language preferences.

  • To add a language (as shown in image below), click the arrow on the Select a language to add list and then skip to step 5
  • To make changes to your existing language preferences, or to remove a language, skip to step 7
Firefox Screenshot: Languages dialogue box

5: You should now see a list of all the available languages. Use the scroll bar to find your desired language, then Select it with your mouse.

Firefox Screenshot: Languages dialogue box with drop down list activated

6: Your selected language should now be highlighted (blue). Now click the Add button.

Firefox Screenshot: Languages dialogue box with selected language highlighted

7: Your prefered languages should now be visible in the Languages dialogue box.

  • To make a language your first preference, Select it with your mouse, then click the Move Up button until it reaches the top of the list.
  • To change the preference of another language, Select it with your mouse and use the Move Up or Move Down buttons until it reaches the desired position. The order is from top to bottom (top position is first preference).
Firefox Screenshot: Add Language button

8: When you have finished altering the settings, click the OK button on the Languages dialogue box, then click OK to the Options dialogue box. You have now changed your languages preferences.

Firefox Screenshot: Shuffle and prioritize languages

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